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June 15, 2022 3 min read

Baltimore Orioles are among the most beautiful birds you can see in your yard this year. Their bright orange hues and flute-like songs excite bird lovers everywhere. Like all living creatures, they prefer to live and feed in comfortable places. With these tips, you can attract Baltimore Orioles to your home. 

Location, Location, Location

Like every animal, Orioles love to feel safe. Choose a location that’s not only visible overhead but away from people and other animals. Placing your feeder under a tree will not only invite unwanted animals but also prevent your Orioles from seeing it. 

Make sure that your feeder is high enough. Orioles prefer to nest and perch on the canopies of trees. Hang your feeder on a pole that is higher than six feet. 

Orioles prefer ‌space from other birds as well. Spacing your feeders out will help them feel more comfortable feeding in your yard. 

Pay Attention to the Color and Size of Your Feeder 

Orioles love bright colors, especially orange. Brighten your feeder or purchase one with orange hues that attract Orioles and not other birds and insects. 

The size of your feeder and its feeding holes is also important. Orioles are a lot bigger than hummingbirds. It’s best to use feeders that are big enough for Orioles to perch on. Because of their tongue size, they need wide spaces for drinking. Also, make sure not to build or buy a feeder that’s too big. You don’t want to attract large birds, either. 

Get Your Feeders Out in Early Spring

Orioles migrate long distances. To ensure they choose your yard over someone else’s, make sure you’re at least a week early when putting your feeders out. In the Midwest and Northeast, Baltimore Orioles often arrive late April or early May, and in the South, they will usually show up in mid-April. 

Orange Works Everywhere

Another successful strategy is to apply orange to other surfaces in your yard. Use small bits of orange cloth tied to trees, orange-colored furniture, and other orange things. Make sure everything is visible from the air. It’s best not to clutter your yard in orange but to use these items sparingly. This tip will ensure they attract the birds to your feeder space and not overwhelm them. 

Don’t Forget a Water Source

Orioles need water and prefer clean water to bathe in and drink. Make sure your yard has enough water sources to keep your birds happy. Many wide birdbaths and fountains on the market will work. 

Make Your Nectar From Scratch

Orioles need sugar to power their active lifestyle. Store-bought nectars are expensive and sometimes contain unhealthy chemicals and dyes. Fortunately, nectar is easy to make at home; take four parts of warm water with one part of white sugar. 

The Power of Ripe Fruit

When Orioles are preparing for their migrations in spring and fall, they need to energize their bodies with sugar. Orange halves or slices are a must when attracting Orioles to your feeders. 

Other excellent additions include sugar-packed grape jam or orange marmalade. Orioles will love these sugary foods, especially in spring and fall. Make sure your feeders have holes that are big enough. Some feeders on the market have openings where the birds can get stuck. 

Include Protein in the Summer 

Besides your fresh fruits and jam, consider adding insects to your feeders. Orioles eat more protein-rich bugs when the weather gets hot. Mealworms are the best, and you can find them at most outdoor and fishing goods stores. 

Make Your Yard a Nesting Space

Nothing is better than having Oriole nests in your yard. Leave strings, yarn, or hair near the feeders and away from people or animals. If the Orioles are comfortable and well-fed, they will choose your yard as the perfect place to nest. 

Orioles prefer tall trees with plenty of foliage. Trees like maples, oaks, and sycamore are ideal. Provide them with what they need, and you may have nesting Baltimore Orioles in your yard. 

Keep Your Garden Bright, Healthy, and Natural

Nothing beats having a healthy garden, especially when attracting Orioles. Native plants and flowers do well to attract Orioles to your yard. Several species of flowers produce bright orange flowers; Lilys, Mallows, and Californian poppies are ideal. Go online or to your local flower store and choose what grows best in your location. 

Flowers will not only produce vibrant colors, but they will attract pollinating insects as well.

These critters are an excellent addition to your yard and will help attract Orioles to your feeders. 

Orioles will make fun and attractive birds to bring to your yard. Following a few tips gives you a better chance to observe and joy these beautiful birds.