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April 13, 2022 1 min read

Morel mushrooms are quite popular in the springtime. Late March, April, and early May are good months to search. Morels are great at hiding in forests and woodlands and you will need a keen eye to spot them. Here are a few guidelines. 

  1. Temperature- go out when daytime temperatures reach 60 and nighttime temps are above 40 degrees.
  2. Hills and Slopes- look for early mushrooms on the south and west-facing slopes. Those areas will get more sun and the soil will warm up faster.
  3. Know Your Trees- learn to identify trees. Ash, Elm, Hickory, and Sycamore are four trees to focus on. Old apple orchards are good places to search. Look for dead and dying trees as well.
  4. Soil Matters- morels like loamy, well-drained soil. Moist soil along the river beds, creek bottoms, and wooded ravines are great places to look.
  5. Undisturbed ground- look for undisturbed areas such as old logging locations, burn sites, and flooded areas.
  6. Stop When You Find One- There's a good chance you will find more in the area.

Before you go hunting, be sure to check your state for specific regulations and special permits that might be needed. Enjoy your adventure and happy hunting!